Why choose Pure Balance Boards?

Every board is unique.

Although each PBB look similar, we hand paint each and every one of our boards. There is not a single duplicate! Why? We want each of you to own a one-of-a-kind original.

We pride ourselves on quality. 

Starting with our Baltic Birch hardwood, to the shock-absorbing thermoplastic bumpers, and our durable abrasion-resistant rollers. Each board and roller are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

We understand the importance of product development.

As technology grows, so does all of its uses. We continually look for ways to make each of our products even more superior than its previous version.

About the company

Pure Balance Boards (PBB) is a company from Virginia Beach that hand makes and paints every balance board. The company was started by a 22 year old student from Old Dominion University that grew up at the beach. While going to school, the only place to make the boards was to work out of the garage. The limited space only allowed for only a handful of boards to be made at a time.

Multiple different combinations of materials were used while experimenting on all the prototype boards. All the way from the type of finish, to the texture of the grip on top of the board, to the size of the board, and choosing the best type of bumpers on the bottom of the board. Through a lot of trial and error, PBB can now offer a product that they stand behind.

Meet the owner

I grew up in Virginia Beach, where I began to fall in love with soccer and board sports at a young age. Anywhere from surfing, snowboarding, and skating, it all looked fun to me. As just a teenager I noticed the prices of the balance boards and decided to try and make one of my own. Later in life that first board I ever made became the basis of my company Pure Balance Boards. My goal is to make unique and affordable boards that will improve your balance while providing a fun workout. In making the boards more affordable, I never lose site of the quality of each and every board. Each board is made with you in mind and is also hand painted.

I am a big believer in doing what you love and by making these boards I am doing what I love. Thank you all for the opportunity of allowing me to do what I love and making it possible by supporting Pure Balance Boards. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more information on the boards and to hear more about my passion for this company.


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