Sparkler - Original Pure Balance Board

Sparkler - Original Pure Balance Board

SKU: PBB0003011

All Inclusive Balance Board: The Original PBB is the all inclusive balance board that comes with two different sized rollers. You can do everything you can do on the Nugget and more.


  • The top of the boards have a fine textured surface to help prevent the user’s feet from sliding. The textured surface provides the right amount of grip to feel comfortable while you ride barefoot.


  • Our rollers are made from a strong thermoplastic material that incorporates a good combination of stiffness and impact strength. The outside of the rollers are coated with a special elastomer that is durable and abrasion resistant.


  • All of our boards are made with high quality wood. It’s cross-banded Baltic Birch veneer gives it great strength and flexibility. The strength and flexibility of the board allows expert riders to preform a wider variety of tricks.


  • The durable thermoplastic rubber bumpers on the bottom of the board have excellent shock absorbing qualities. A steel support bushing is located inside each bumper to add extra strength. The bumpers prevent the board from sliding off the roller.